Wednesday, 8 January 2014


For those of you lovely people who are still following this blog, i have a new blog and i'm loving posting, go check it out..


For those of you lovely people who are still following this blog, i have a new blog and i'm loving posting, go check it out..

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I'm Moving!!

Too all you lovely followers i just wanted to let you know i have officially moved to a new and improved blog.. there is already four posts up!

Go and take a look,

Love you all, Laura xo

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


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Thursday, 20 January 2011

My hair through the years

Hey guys,

I was just going through loads of old pictures i have on here of me (i'm not vain.. i just keep them so i can look at how much i've changed over time) and thought you might like to see my hair .. and me i supose over the years.. aha i've been quite a few different shades of colours! :)

Me and my little baby .. lightish blonde


Short blonde and a horrible fringe!

Ignore the horrible editing.. just had to show you my
Awful extensions i had once!

Then i went blonder

The first time i went dark

Then it faded to this

Then This

Then i dyed it a little bit darker

I stayed light for a little while

Then i decided i wanted to be super dark!

Then I got a fringe

Then i decided i wanted to put purpley
red in my hair ( didnt really work)

And now i have bright red hair!


Just two more random blonde ones i didnt want to move all the way to the top!
So thats rougly how my hair has been over the past two and a half years!
What do you think?
which do you prefer?
Who knows what colour i'll go next!

Hope you all enjoyed!

Friday, 7 January 2011

My wishlist

So if theres a way to keep this somewhere near the top of my blog i will.. as i will probably be adding to it and ticking things off when or if I get them!

Bobbi Brown
Instyle ultimate beauty secrets

Urban decay naked palette
Too faced natural eye palette
Laura mercier tinted moisturiser
skindnavia setting spray
Mac painterky and bare study paint pot
Mac cream colour bases, shell & pearl
Benefit creasless cream shadow
Mac neutral eyeshadows
New eyelash curler
Benefit primpcess set
Benefit girl meets pearl
Benefit bad gal lash
Sigma teavel set
Barry m nail paints
Mac concealer
Kat von D concealer

Any of britney spears' perfumes
Katy perry 'purr'
Miss dior cherie
ysl parisenne
Lady million
Vera wang princess
Benefit cresent row perfume
Mar Jacobs Daisy

Bath and bodyworks hand sanitizers :)
More maccadamia oil

Theres soo many things i'd love this year! lots of saving to do i supose :)
What would be your top wishlist items?

Laura xo

Thursday, 6 January 2011

My red hair!

Hey guys,

Okay so it was a bit longer than an hour.. but this blog post is finally heree.. :)
So basically.. i died my hair red!! bright red in fact. Finally.. I'd been trying for SO long it was crazy and it finally worked.. firstly i'll show you the colour if you haven't watched my youtube video!

So you can see its a pretty bright pinky toned red.. which i really like because its not tooo red to begin with and i now know i'd like to go even redder in time .. but not for a little while yet :)

Okay so i'd been using boxes from the drugstore for ages trying to dye my hair and it never worked.. which really annoyed me so i began researching online for hair colours that would really make my hair bright. The best ones i found were semi-permenant .. Thats a great idea for me as i get bored of hair colours really easily so having a colour which is less damaging to my hair and that wont stay in for as long was great! I reseached the top semi-permenants on youtube and blogs and looked at pictures and it seemed the best ones for me were the directions hair dyes. (If your looking to buy.. search on ebay or just type it into google.. theres loads of websites you can buy from) Soo.. i ordered quite a few actually the colours i got were Poppy red, Tulip and Rose Red. These were all pinky toned and didnt look like they'd make my hair too bright. I have since ordered some more redy tones.. but thats a whole different blog post.

I decided to mix a tub of poppy red (as this was the most red colour i had) with half a tub of tulip. This was a little bit too much for my hair but if you have from my hair or longer i'd definately suggest buying two tubs. I put this straight onto my dark brown hair .. which had a bit of a red tone to it already. I then waited about 20 minutes and washed it out.. Aside from staining my bath ( just a little word of warning.. although it can easily be removed with a splash of bleach) nothing really happened to my hair.. so i went onto use another product..   Colour b4 which you can pick up in most drugstores and tescos so i hear. This claims to take your hair back to its natural colour. Well its never taken my hair completely back to that but it normally takes it to a light gingery colour. As i'd already used the hair dye once it actually took my hair to a pretty decent red colour.. which i would have kept, only the top of my hair was a gingerly colour and it looked a bit crap.

This was it after colour b4.. the red was actually okay!

But these were the roots.. and they looked a little akward so i decided to re-dye.

I then mixed the same amounts of Poppy red and Tulip again re dyed my hair and then waited another 20 minutes..

Aha excuse the horrible face.. me waiting for a second timee..
Wear a shower cap or foil your hair or something.. it helps the colour to develop better!

Okay so after staining everything a second time.. this is what i ended up with!

Fringe was in need of a cut in this picture..
i will take some more photos and upload to my facebook soon so you can see how it fades out!

So far i have washed it once and it hasnt really faded, which is good, but it did re stain my bath.. again bleach will get that out.. but if your living at home.. check with whoever you live with before dying your hair :)

Okay so i brought this many products because i wanted to be extra prepared..

Actually i also brought a toner.. some rubber gloves, colour b4 and another permenant red colour.. i just dont know where they are at the moment ha!

Products actually used:

- 2x Directions hair dye in Poppy red
- 1x Directions hair dye in Tulip
- 1x box of color before

Products i reccomend:

- Rubber gloves (or something to cover your hands.. they will get stained otherwise!)
- Shower cap or tin foil or something to cover your hair while its dying
- Dark towels.. like black or very old ones
- Nice parents! :)
- Vaseline or baby oil for your head and neck to avoid staining
- Tint brushes (the brushes people use to dye their hair)
- Mixing bowl
- Possibly a lovely helper if you dont feel confident dying your hair on your own!

I love my hair and i hope you all do too.. if you have any questions please comment below.. or email me at :)

And if you haven't yet watched the video go watch it noww:
Laura xo